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The Information Stand Project scenario - Methods Project Management

The Information Stand Project scenario


We used the small-scale project template


  • Earthouse is a construction company expert in building sustainable wooden house
  • They would like to improve their sales, inform interested parties about their products and the benefits of using sustainable houses made of wood
  • Ben the CEO and Anna, the marketing responsible believe an information stand at the next year Sustainable Construction Forum will attract investors and will increase sales of at least 10% within the 6 months following the event.
  • They would like to raise 200000$ from investors to sustain the growth with a large marketing campaign
  • This information stand will enable the promotion of the new low cost sustainable house called “PURE”


One full year is available to do the project and the CEO of the company would like the company to be ready as soon as possible for this opportunity

The forum next year catalogue and reservation will be open 6 months before the event

It will possible to set up the stand 7 days before the openings


Jenny is a young marketing project manager hired one month ago; she is Prince 2 certified but has no practical experience

Ben, the CEO is experienced in Prince2 and is confident Jenny will do a good job and he will be available to provide guidance if required

Jenny has other projects to manage but this project is the top priority

The event is 12 month ahead, the project has a budget of 10000$ with a + 5000$ tolerance


Members of Hearthouse

Ben the CEO and a famous sustainable construction expert

Anna the business / marketing responsible, in charge of the marketing budget

Karl a young architect expert in sustainable houses

John for the administration and operations

Samori the Works foreman

Bill the head of production


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