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Scenario and Mandate of the full PRINCE2® sample project - Methods Project Management

Scenario and Mandate of the full PRINCE2® sample project


Welcome to this full PRINCE2® project explained

All 26 Management product are explained and available online !

We have noticed in our PRINCE2® courses

  • It is difficult to understand a method without a full example
  • We are curious and wonder how does a project made with PRINCE2® looks like
  • We might also wonder if we are doing the right thing

We created this project to respond to this need

We’ve chosen a general topic so everyone can understand independently of your experience, background or activity field

We provide one exemple of each Management Products as a exemple


  • 5 different Project Managers doing the same project in 5 different companies would have done it certainly 5 different ways…
  • There is not ONE way to do a PRINCE2® project
  • In this example we paid specific attention to stick to the 4 integrated elements, with very limited tailoring, to serve as a reference
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The source of all Management Products used in this documented project are under Copyright

“Copyright © AXELOS Limited 2009. All rights reserved. Material is reproduced with the permission of AXELOS”



Earthouse is a construction company expert in building sustainable wooden house

They offer one type of house: passive, low cost and made of recyclable materials rating over 120000$

They just launched a new model of house that was ordered by their first customer: the Adams family

As, it is the first time this type of house will be built, Samori the Works foreman will run the construction in a Project mode

The building model of Hearthouse is made of raw materials received at the factory.

They are processed to become standardised blocks shipped to the client site and assembled “on site”


“PURE” house model



Ben the CEO and a famous sustainable construction expert

Anna the business / marketing responsible, in charge of the marketing budget

Karl a young architect expert in sustainable houses

John for the administration and operations

Samori the Works foreman

Bill the head of production

Benjamin, the head of assembly carpenters

Julian, head of earthwork and foundation building

Marta, responsible of delivery

Yvan, responsible of fit out and decoration

Jenny a new marketing assistant

10 Multi-purpose masons



Expert plus:  a company expert in certifications

Biowoods supplier of woods raw material



The Mandate is not a formal Management ProductIt can take a variety of forms and can even be oral

It contains the “terms of reference” or key elements to trigger the Starting up process

If your project is a part of a Programme, many informations could be already available for the Starting-up process and fill in your Project Brief

email sent by Ben the CIO to Samori the Project Manager


Hi Sam

That’s it ! this afternoon we’ve just signed the contract with the Adams family for our first PURE house model !

I’m sure it’s going to a real success ! Thanks to Anna and all the marketing and technical team for there help finalizing the contract

We have other leads comings…i’ll keep you posted

Samori, you know the music, I let you handle this the PRINCE2 way

Our deadline is to deliver BEFORE August 10th, 0 tolerance for time…sorry, we have 6 months

Let’s roll !



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