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Project Brief (PB) - Methods Project Management

Project Brief (PB)


A Project Brief is used to provide a full and firm foundation for the initiation of the project and is created in the Starting up a Project process.

In the Initiating a Project process, the contents of the Project Brief are extended and refined in the Project Initiation Documentation, after which the Project Brief is no longer maintained.


The Project Brief is derived from: A project mandate supplied at the start of the project; Programme management – if the project is part of a programme, the Project Brief is likely to be supplied by the programme, and therefore it will not have to be derived from a project mandate; Discussions with corporate management regarding corporate strategy and any policies and standards that apply; Discussions with the Project Board and users if the project mandate is incomplete or if no project mandate is provided; Discussions with the operations and maintenance organization (if applicable); Discussion with the (potential) suppliers regarding specialist development lifecycles that could be used; Lessons Log.

A Project Brief can take a number of formats, including: Document or presentation slides; Entry in a project management tool.



(Explaining what the project needs to achieve. It should include information on the sections given below

In a programme + project organized company, the pre-project phase could be done at the Programme level, than a Project Manager is appointed to deliver the project from the Initiation phase

At this stage: do as little as possible to gather as much information you can, and make sure with the Project Board that the project can be properly initiated, the details will appear later)



The sustainable low cost houses market is increasing with houses sold less than 90000$ for around 100 square meters

Our unique model “PRIMO” is sold around 140000$

We need a new model for this new market

Karl and the production team are sure we can sell low cost houses using the certified material used for “PRIMO” houses

This will reduce the impact on the production line, no need to re-certify this material, it is just the assembled houses that needs global recertification

The new model called “PURE” is smaller with fewer options available

The Adams family is the first customer


Project objectives

(covering time, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefit performance goals)

Around 90000$ to build the house, same quality than the ‘PRIMO” model, risk tolerance over the project must be refined to avoid any major production slowing down

This will be refined at the end of initiation stage in the Project Initiation Documentation (PID)


Desired outcomes

The assembled house certified

A happy Adams Family living in the house !

Be able to use the Professional pictures of the house for marketing purpose


Project scope and exclusions

The project is about building the first house “PURE1”

The ability to produce and sell the new model “PURE” is handled at the corporate programme level (hiring new employees, marketing campaign…)


Constraints and assumptions

We assume we can add more work to the production team for this first model

Finish the project before August 10th


Project tolerances

We must deliver and obtain the certification within 6 months

Other tolerances will defined in the PID


The user(s) and any other known interested parties

The Adams family, Ben, Anna, Karl, Samori, John, 4 multipurpose masons, the 8 direct neighbour around the construction fields, the town hall, the geologist, electrician, plumber, The town construction assessor, the company: Expert plus, Biowoods supplier of woods raw material



The new website project

The forum event



(To define the choice of solution that will be used within the project to deliver the business option selected from the Business Case, taking into consideration the operational environment into which the solution must fit)

Use PRINCE2 for the project management

An external professional photographer

Use existing material produced for the “PRIMO” house and increase production


(A chart showing who will be involved with the project)

 brief pmtsv2



(For the project management team and any other key resources identified at this time)

Ben the CEO is also an internationally famous sustainable construction expert, so he will take the role of Senior Supplier, he has the authority, credibility, availability, and he can be responsible for the technical integrity of the project



(To any associated documents or products)

Boom on low-cost sustainable house survey



(Reasons why the project is needed and the business option selected. This will later be developed into a detailed Business Case during the Initiating a Project process

It is the first justification of the project, at this stage it is not properly a Management Product by itself but it is the outline)

We believe

The expected benefit is from 180000$ to 360000$ from the sales of 12 to 24 houses of this type per year

(15000$ benefit/housesx12 or 24)

The economies of scale with the increased production of at least 12 houses per year will generate an overall extra benefit of 60000$

(2000$/PRIMO housesx24 + 1000$/PURE houses*12)


Regarding this specific project

A financial benefit expected around 5000$ but of less importance compared to the capacity enabled for the entire company



(This Management Product is a component of the Project Brief but is displayed in a specific page)


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